Going on vacation to Florida usually means relaxing on the beautiful soft sand beaches. There are many other activities for you and your family and places to eat. Florida feels like you are somewhere different, with the weather often sunny, but this depends on the time of the year. Let’s be clear, Florida is primarily hot throughout the year, but some differences might affect when you book your airboat rides with us. If you are in the Parkland area, let’s look at the different weather when booking parkland airboat tours.

Florida is known for its two seasons: wet and dry

While Florida still has spring, summer, fall, and winter, we often divide the weather into wet and dry seasons. We mostly group winter and spring as the dry season and summer and fall as the wet season. To be more precise, the dry season occurs between December and mid-May, with temperatures averaging 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather is mostly hot and dry, making Parkland airboat tours easier and more pleasant for most people.

The wet season occurs between mid-May and runs through the end of November. This season sees most of Florida’s yearly rainfall, and it is, in fact, very humid. The temperatures get hotter and can peak at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As some might call it, you get the more authentic Florida experience. Expect rainfall and perhaps even some thunderstorms. The wet season isn’t rainy every day, but you will feel the difference in humidity.

Booking Parkland airboat tours during the dry season

As mentioned above, the dry season is generally more comfortable for most people. The temperatures are hot but easier to manage, and the air is dryer. The dry season, also known as the winter, offers excellent weather for holiday goers looking to spend some time relaxing on the beach. Parkland airboat tours also feel easier. You won’t need to be covered in rainproof gear, though a spare poncho might come in handy to avoid getting splashed during your high-speed airboat ride.

The only real downfall of the dry season is that it is the more popular time of the year for tourists. There are more people around, and you will have to book parkland airboat tours early in advance to ensure an airboat is available for you. Don’t worry too much, though, as we go out multiple times in the day. You will often get hot and sunny weather still, so make sure to use your sunscreen and sun hats!

Booking Parkland airboat tours during the wet season

The wet season is when the temperatures increase, and humidity creeps onto Florida. The average rainfall is around 7.8 inches each month, representing more than 60% of Florida’s annual rain. With more rain, wind, and stickier weather, Parkland airboat rides will feel more intense. Florida’s wet season works best for people that feel a little more adventurous and want to discover Florida’s wilder side. The damp weather isn’t the best for most beachgoers.

As a result of such weather, Florida is less popular during the wet season, resulting in fewer tourists. Some of you that want that more authentic Florida experience might enjoy it. You will most likely encounter more locals and could be faced with impressive thunderstorms if that is your thing. We found that people want both the wet and dry seasons, but the wet season is a more acquired taste, attracting more thrill seekers and people that like a more local experience of Florida.

Pick your season

Ultimately, the choice of the season remains yours. We hope this article helps you decide when to book Parkland airboat tours and generally when to visit Florida. Feel free to contact us via our website’s contact form or call us if you have more questions about booking your airboat ride. We will do our best to answer any queries and help you book Parkland airboat tours at a time that suits you best.