Parkland airboat rides are amongst the many activities you can engage in during your visit to Florida. Of course, you can stay on the beach and enjoy the sunshine, but that tends to become pretty monotonous after a few days. We all want to experience something unique during our vacation, something to remember. It is where Everglades tours shine above all other activities. The Everglades has a lot of incredible wildlife and beautiful sights to offer. If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, here is what you can expect from our airboat tours.

Enjoy the thrill of Parkland airboat rides

One of the first things you should know is that airboats aren’t your average boat ride. When you look at an airboat, the first thing you will notice is that giant propeller at the back. It isn’t just there to look pretty! Airboats can fly at incredible speeds across the Everglades. We’re not using the word ‘fly’ lightly either. It is not an exaggeration, as airboats glide above the surface of the water. This form of aquaplaning not only allows us to go fast but also gives us incredible mobility. Imagine the thrill of being on a go-kart racing track, but instead in the marshes and swamplands. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride!


Discover the Everglades wildlife

The Everglades is famous for its unique wildlife and diverse creatures. You won’t be wrong to expect alligator and crocodile encounters. The American Alligator is the most renowned reptile to inhabit the Everglades. This fantastic creature is nothing short of impressive. Don’t worry. Our captains know the best places to find them in the wild. We will always go out of our way to give you a chance to see them with your own eyes.


There are also many other creatures. Bird lovers always have a great time in the Everglades, and for good reasons. Species such as the Roseate Spoonbill are amongst the famous birds you can come across. Their stunning pink color makes them a delight for the eyes. We know that you want to extend your photo album, so we will take you to where those birds nest and feed. Rest assured, there are many other animals. From reptiles to mammals to insects, fish, and birds, the Parkland Airboat Rides will feed your animal curiosity.


Learn about the Everglades

Since we’ve been operating for 35 years in the Everglades, we know the area better than anyone else. Being native from the area, our captains have a great passion for the Everglades. If you’re interested in the history and ecosystem, we can teach you a lot. We never shy about sharing our knowledge. You can learn a lot of facts and info about this unique nature reserve. The Everglades is so vast and complex. You will be interested to know a few points. We will always share everything we know if you’re interested. This ride can be both fun and educational.


Private tours for a truly unique experience

We only take private bookings. We find them more intimate, but it also means the ride is more tailored to your needs. In short, we want you to have a unique experience, something that you genuinely wish to. No need to make this a generic tour where you have to follow a group of strangers. Whether you want a fast thrill ride, a quieter nature exploration, or both, we will make it happen. Another advantage of private airboat rides is they are more intimate. You can come as a couple, as a family or with a bunch of friends. Whatever group size you want, you will have the airboat to yourselves, along with the captain, of course! Book your ride with Parkland Airboat Rides and prepare yourself for a fun, educational, and personalized ride across the Everglades!