Let’s face it. When people talk about Florida and the Everglades, how many times do you picture swamps and alligators? For most of you, we suspect it is a lot! There is an excellent reason for that. Alligators and crocodiles are such impressive creatures, and they have become a symbol of the Everglades. Our mission is to ensure you have the best chances of making some fantastic wildlife encounters during our Everglades boat tours. Beyond alligators and crocodiles, there is a world of unique and exciting reptiles to discover. The question is: are you ready to come face-to-face with some of Florida’s fascinating wildlife?

Everglades airboat tours – meet the American Alligator

Alligators are one of the main reasons people want to tour the Everglades. It is understandable too. After all, who doesn’t want to see this impressive creature face-to-face? Well, maybe face-to-face is a bit too close for comfort, but you get the idea. Did you know that The Everglades is one of those unique places where you can discover alligators in their natural habitat? Imagine seeing those alligators as they go by, getting on with their daily routine. We know that you want to see alligators, which is why we will always take you to the spots where those incredible animals hang around. Get ready to see Alligators with your very own eyes. But never fear, we will get close, but not too close! You can observe them from a safe distance. We don’t bother them, and they don’t bother us; it’s that simple.


Is this an alligator or a crocodile?

Everglades airboat tours are the best way to discover all sorts of reptiles, and since we talked about alligators, we also have to mention the American Crocodile. After all, those two creatures are pretty much the same. Well, alligators and crocs are slightly different. To the untrained eye, they pretty much look the same. But we know best! An alligator’s snout has a u-shape, while crocodiles have a more V-shaped snout, a little pointer on the nose. Also, alligators are darker in color, contrasting with crocodiles being a lighter brown/greyish color. So there you go, they are different. Don’t worry. We will point those differences to you, as we will do our best for you to witness those gigantic beasts.


More reptiles – the Burmese Python

Burmese pythons are another reptile species that nests in the Everglades. They are, however, non-native to the South Florida area, originating from Southeast Asia. Most pythons came to the United States as exotic pets. Miami was invaded by such snakes when the exotic pet trade boomed during the 1980s. It turns out the Everglades was the ideal breeding ground for them, with varied sources of food such as mammals, birds, and other reptiles. We can link Burmese pythons to the decline of native mammals of the Everglades. It includes opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, amongst many others. There are now efforts to remove some of those pythons to re-establish a more natural balance for the native creatures. However, those pythons are still very present, and we will make sure to point them out if we come across them!


Other snakes of the Everglades

The Everglades is a land rich in snakes. Beyond the Burmese Python, there are many other species, both native and non-native, to the area. You could come across the eastern indigo snake, the green anole, the eastern diamondback snake, the eastern coral snake, and many more. If you are a reptile enthusiast, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place! 


Make sure to let us know if you have a particular interest in reptiles. Our captains know the best spots across the Everglades, and they will go out of their way, so you have the opportunity to come across those fascinating creatures. Make sure to ask us and mention your love of reptiles when you book your airboat ride!