At Airboat Rides Parkland Florida, we want to ensure that you have the best experience possible visiting the Everglades. There are a few things you will want to bring along to get prepared for your journey. It is not much, but you will want to have the right clothes and accessories, just so that you are comfortable during your airboat ride. This guide is here to help you make the most out of your expedition in the swamps of Florida, and rest assured, it’s not very complicated, you’ll merely need a few essentials, and you will be ready to go!

The best clothes for airboat rides Parkland Florida

Starting with how to dress, what you will want is comfortable and practical clothing. It will depend on what season you come to visit Florida, so for the summer times (wet season), you can take shorts, a t-shirt and light shoes such as sneakers or even flip flops or sandals. Don’t forget the summer is hot and wet, so you don’t want to be over-dressed.

As far as the winter and fall, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and some sneakers will do the job nicely. You might also want a windbreaker as airboat trips can get pretty windy. Another item you will want to consider is bringing a poncho with you in case it rains. Your best bet is always to check the weather services a few days ahead of your trip, as it can help to determine whether you will need those extra layers or not.

The main idea is to focus on comfort and simplicity. Since you will be out there in the wild, we recommend not bringing any expensive jewelry or other costly clothing items. You want to focus on practicality over style, so you don’t worry about losing anything. Instead, you can focus your attention on having a good time visiting the Everglades.

Extra protection from the environment

Florida is very sunny, and airboat rides Parkland Florida will expose you to the elements of nature. Your eyes and visibility will get affected by the Florida sun, which is why we strongly advise that you bring your sunglasses with you. Furthermore, it is even better if you have some polarized sunglasses. They help reduce that glare from the sun, giving you even better visibility so you can spot that alligator easier.

Speaking of the sun, you should protect your skin and bring along your sunscreen. A fast-moving airboat creates some wind, but this won’t stop the sun from reaching your skin. The last thing you want is to get sunburned. It is both painful and uncomfortable. Sunscreen is essential to ensure a healthy time under the sun, you will not only have a better time, but you will avoid the risks associated with over-exposure.

Another environmental aspect to consider is insects, and while there aren’t always as many as people might think, you will be glad to take your bug spray or repellent with you. It will help avoid the occasional mosquito bite so that you won’t be itching and scratching during your time in Florida.

Bring food and drinks

As we mentioned before, Florida is often sunny and hot, and this will make you thirsty. Our boats come equipped with a drink cooler and some bottled water, but you should take your favorite soda or water with you anyway to stay on the safe side. Some people find water boring, so take whatever works best for you. Sometimes the sugar can help to keep you lively and energized.

Speaking of energy, why not take a little snack with you? The great outdoors makes many people hungry, so take a sandwich or some salty and sweet snacks. You don’t want hunger to distract you from having a good time, and long days out visiting Florida will most likely make you hungry throughout the day.

Airboat rides Parkland Florida other essentials

Airboat rides Parkland Florida aren’t quite the same when you can’t bring back a few holiday snaps to show to your friends and family. It is just a reminder that if you want to take some cool pictures, make sure to bring your phone or camera with you. Also, double-check that your batteries are full so you don’t run out of juice halfway through your Everglades adventure.

Lastly, if ever you happen to have some binoculars, make sure to bring them along. You will get better visibility, making it easier to spot those fascinating creatures of the Everglades. Bird watchers will particularly appreciate the extra range, but this goes to anyone who wants the best chance of spotting unique and strange animals roaming the swamps and mangroves.

As you can see, there isn’t too much to prepare, just some essentials that make sense. You will most likely already have those with you as part of your daily holiday routine. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us while you’re booking your airboat ride, and we will answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you and bringing you on board our airboats for a memorable journey across the Everglades!